AD+ socks: energy emission for the foot and the calf

To date, there is no more complete sock: it’s not only elastic, light, breathable and comfortable, but it has an added value that distinguishes it: it is made with AD + fiber yarn by Nexus Active®, the first with energy emission.

AD+ Nexus is present together with the other technical yarns of the sock

The particular composition of this fiber, patented worldwide, produces a natural and constant infrared emission. Its patented intimate mix, enriched with noble metals, emits a natural and unique energy capable of optimizing the role that water plays in the biological processes of our body.

Not being a surface treatment, the benefits of NEXUS ACTIVE® do not diminish over time and even with washes.
NEXUS ACTIVE® socks do not need special attention or maintenance. They wash like normal polyester garments … but dry first!
NEXUS ACTIVE® is a high energy emission fiber, an energy fiber!

AD+ socks ensures muscle recovery

AD+ fiber presence guarantees unique performances to the garment, namely:

NEXUS ACTIVE® guarantees a better physical response in the recovery phase. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS, from the English Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a fairly common phenomenon and is a physiological response to muscle effort. The pain associated with soreness peaks between 24 and 48 hours after exercise.

Water is the main constituent of our body, representing on average about 65% -70% of the weight of the human body and varying according to gender, age and health condition. Its role is fundamental to transport all the nutrients to our cells and eliminate metabolic waste.
Tests carried out at the Department of Sports Medicine and Traumatology of Lucca have shown that wearing NEXUS ACTIVE® fiber garments improves cell hydration (ICW = Intra Cellular Water).

Cold hands / feet. Tired legs. They are only the mildest symptoms of circulation problems.
Phlebological studies highlight significant benefits in the use of NEXUS ACTIVE® fiber. For example, it has been shown how a NEXUS ACTIVE® sock with compression of 15mmHg is equivalent in terms of effectiveness to a normal sock with much higher compression (25mmHg), but being much more comfortable.

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