Bronze medal for Jacopo Cerutti at the Transanatolia Rally 2020

The Trasanatolia Rally kicks off from Istanbul

After a long period of waiting, the international rallies are also resuming. From Turkey with the Rally Transanatolia 2020. 2500 km in total and a daily mileage between 250 and 500 km.

The departure, on Sunday 16 August from Istanbul, where the official presentation took place, brought the competitors divided into categories (motorcycles, SSVs, cars and trucks) to the town of Karadag for three days of competition. Then a “ring” stage with return to Karadag. To finish the last three busy days the pilots returned to Istanbul for the final ceremony.

Jacopo Cerutti – Trasanatolia Rally 2020

Jacopo: “I’ve been coming from a very good time. In the first three races of the Italian Motorally Championship I won three victories and therefore I leave here in Turkey very motivated and with a great desire to do a good race. It will also be an excellent training session in view of the most important events. “

The start of the race.

First day of competition, the riders covered the planned 390km. From the city of Istanbul up to the first special of 144 km to finish at the bivouac of Bolu / Abant. A challenge that offered the pilots a sinuous path with many stones and dust.

Jacopo: “Today was a very demanding day, some technical situation to improve. I wasn’t extremely fast during the special tests, but I was able to give my best as always, starting this new competition”.

Jacopo Cerutti – Trasanatolia Rally 2020

After this first day of competition, the whole caravan of drivers and Jacopo stayed in tents. As per the usual routine of the Dakar man in which everything needed to be placed in the jacket is prepared: water, salts, bars, … and, above all, making the roadbook. The second day of the rally proved to be very long and above all fast, with the ground still mostly stony.

Jacopo: “During the first stage I found some technical aspects of the bike to improve, so in the evening my mechanics team quickly fixed them. Today it was not very sailed . I went smoothly and I’m satisfied with the pace and the ride I sustained, the bike was perfect, they did a great job “

Jacopo after this stage has the fourth overall position.
Crossing Turkey the pilots in the following stages went to Karadag. Departure at dawn as usual happens in rallies the days are very long and tiring.

“During the first part of the special I was going very fast: I was in fact third tied with Adrien Van Beveren and very little from the other French driver Xavier De Soultrait. I lose 10 minutes for a bad and complicated off-piste note . the second stage instead went well, I was furious for the mistake I made earlier so I pushed as hard as I could to get a second place. I’m having fun and the gaps from the first riders are minimal, we are all here to fight so I hold on and keep giving the maximum. “

Jacopo said.

Jacopo recovers the third absolute position of the podium step.

Even if the tension, the concentration for a long race are all stars, you can enjoy surreal landscapes different from those you experience every day and you are struck by their diversity and beauty.

Jacopo : “In these races I am lucky enough to see incredible places and things: an unusual and enchanting bivouac in Karadag located at 2000 m above sea level inside a wonderful volcanic crater. While I was in the special I saw a condor, it was huge and had a wingspan of at least two meters, which took up the entire street. It stared at me. I got goosebumps. “

Rhythm and concentration until the end of the race

The very demanding and technical specials continue until the end on terrain characterized by stones and stone mule tracks. Jacopo has maintained a good pace and is getting closer and closer to his opponents. In fact at this juncture the general classification sees Jacopo in third position just a few minutes from the leaders. The last few days get longer in terms of mileage and it is here that Jacopo does not lose sight of the podium. in fact he climbs one step further in the standings, taking second in the fifth day of rally.

“Today I gave him some great gas and I am very satisfied with the performance. I drove well, capturing all the decisive points of navigation. The terrain is free of dangerous depressions, which is why even on the straights I have the serenity and clarity to keep the interchangeable gas system open. The hours on the bike are already several but I can see the target clearly in front of my eyes “.

Jacopo ci racconta.

Jacopo Cerutti 3rd overall

The pilots touched the sea reaching the beaches of the Black Sea offering breathtaking landscapes and also here Jacopo brought out his experience as a navigator and that linked to the world of enduro.

Jacopo : ““I enjoyed myself like crazy! A short day yet very fast and beautiful! I finished 2nd 6 seconds behind Adrian. Looking back on the whole race, I am very happy with the way I managed it and I am satisfied with the result: 3rd overall. In addition, the beauty of doing these races in these beautiful places is that when we reached the end of the special we threw ourselves into the sea dressed as motorcycles!”

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