RIDAY WOOLTECH: wool has never been so technical

For years, merino wool has been used in technical clothing: chronologically, different technologies have taken place that have allowed its use in the creation of intimate shirts in contact with the skin.

Until recently, any first layer garment was made with the traditional sewing method, that is, pieces of fabric made with flat sliding machines were cut, and then assembled with more or less invasive seams.

Today, with the Seamless technology, the circular knitting machines allow to create more complex weaves and to use high quality wool yarns, mixed with synthetic fabrics and elastomers to give it more elasticity and compactness.

But until now, no technical garment, albeit seamless, has ever been able to enhance all the positive characteristics of wool and cancel its less technical characteristics and therefore less suitable for technical sports use.

RIDAY, today presents WOOLTECH, the first line of double-layer garments in contact with the skin, made with anti-pilling Australian merino wool on the outside and ultra-breathable technical fiber in polypropylene on the skin:

by combining two fabrics, one of a hydrophobic nature on the skin (polypropylene) and the other of a hydrophilic nature on the outside of the garment itself (merino wool), RIDAY enhances all the technical characteristics of the two yarns and creates a breathable ecosystem that is much more effective than any other fabric in the blend: in practice, the hydrophobia of polypropylene in contact with the skin immediately removes moisture from the epidermis and transfers it to the outer layers of the garment, where it arrives to the hydrophilicity of wool , which absorbs and spreads the moisture front, causing it to evaporate faster into the atmosphere.

The particular processing of merino wool makes the technical garment particularly soft and comfortable

And in addition to all this, the two opposing layers of fabric allow to enhance ONLY the most appreciated characteristics of both, which are:

for wool:

1) thermoregulation: adaptation to sudden changes in temperature, passing from the phase of thermal insulation with the lowest temperatures, to the phase of heat dissipation with the rise in temperature,

2) anti-pillig

3) softness

4) wearing comfort

5) natural anti-odor

6) 100% environmental compatibility

for polypropylene:

1) breathability

2) lightness

3) total hypoallergenicity

4) 100% recycling

5) natural anti-bacterial.

T-neck long sleeves man shirt

The sober features, the extraordinary softness to the touch and the practicality of use, make the new RIDAY WOOLTECH line suitable for use, not only for sports, but also as an ideal garment in contact with the skin, to be worn under a sweatshirt, sweater or even a jacket every day.

Furthermore, the solution of double layer allows it to be worn even by those who are allergic to contact with wool, since WOOLTECH garments have only a perfectly hypoallergenic layer of polypropylene close to the skin.

3/4 Man pants

RIDAY WOOLTECH line processing in the Mantua ITALY

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