Merino wool reduces post-exercise cooling

Merino wool has exceptional properties for regulating humidity and body temperature during exercise. Physical exertion increases the metabolic rate and body temperature, thus the body activates cooling mechanisms to maintain an adequate temperature. Since physical exertion can occur in different climatic conditions, from skiing in the arctic to running in the desert, the type of clothing used can have a significant impact on the performance and well-being of the body.

The natural 3D curl of the wool fiber captures air bubbles, isolating the skin from the cold and therefore keeping it warmer. Wool makes the microclimate on the epidermal surface less saturated with steam, leaving the wearer’s body drier.

Merino long socks for woman

Wool, therefore, reduces the cooling rate of the skin and exposure to post-exercise cold, which can range from unpleasant to dangerous. When you stop training and the surrounding temperature is low, you can feel three times colder with conventional technical garments than when wearing garments with the presence of wool. This is due to the fact that wool is able to transfer sweat by capillary effect in only one direction (from the inside to the outside), thus reducing the sensation of excessive cooling at the end of the workout. Being hygroscopic, wool is able to absorb up to 35% of its weight before giving a wet feeling on the skin. As moisture is absorbed, the wool releases heat, keeping the wearer warmer and drier.

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