RIDAY® was designed to face a need: protect the athlete’s skin

A complete line of baselayer and technical socks, designed for all temperatures of the year.
Original in its simple and plain lines, with technical and functional details, it’s perfect for urban, adventure and race use too.
RIDAY® makes use of most advantaged seamless technology, using only high-quality raw material: the choice of these excellences couldn’t have been betrayed by the origin of the manufacture, which is, in fact, completely identified in the italian territory.


The skin is the border between the external and internal world, between the environment and one’s self… the largest sensory organ of our body and it is our job to listen to it, protect it from torrid heat, intense cold and humidity leaving it free to express itself with us.
RIDAY® was created to satisfy this need.


Quality in what we do. We support modern bikers in their daily lives with exclusively designed garments without compromises in quality and technicality to ensure maximum comfort and well-being starting from the skin.

Authentic quality: this is the true concept of freedom

For the freedom to carry out your sport activity in maximum comfort, it is not enough to wear clothing in contact with the skin with a technical and nice design; it is not enough to be convinced by the amazing promises mentioned on the garment’s packaging.
Only one characteristic is absolutely necessary: the authentic value of the quality of the raw material used.
Because the result could be to wear a RIDAY® technical garment, and not feel it on!

Reuse is better!

In a sports market flooded with promises and amazing technicalities, RIDAY® makes concreteness and respect two essential prerogatives:

CONCRETENESS because the BIKE & MOTORBIKE baselayer line is completely packed in metal boxes. For its own pack, RIDAY® adopts the metal that does not imply, once discarded, a new industrial recycling process, but more cleverly a RE-USE: all RIDAY® boxes can in fact be reused for storing clothing, accessories, small parts or even supplements, since it is also absolutely suitable for food use.

RESPECT because all RIDAY® production is completely made in Italy and every single step is controlled and regulated by Italian and EU regulations. The impact on the environment is therefore reduced to a minimum and sensitivity towards it always comes first.

RIDAY® Ride Your Quality Life

Packaging Riday - Concreteness and Respect

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