Mission, Vision and Values

RIDAY® borns from a necessity: protect the biker’s skin.

A complete line of baselayer and technical socks, studied for the cyclist and the motorcyclist for every season.

Original in its simple and plain lines with technical and functional details that make the items versatile, practical for the urban use, the adventure and the race.

RIDAY® makes use of the most advantaged seamless technology, using high-quality raw material: the choice of these excellences couldn’t have been betrayed by the origin of the manufacture, which is, in fact, completely identified in the Italian territory.



The skin is the border between the external and the internal world, between the environment and ourself…
This is the most extended sensorial organ and it’s our job to listen to it, protect it from both the torrid hot and the intense cold and from the humidity, allowing it to be free to express itself together with us.

RIDAY® borns to satisfying this need.



Quality in what we do. We support the modern bikers in their everyday life with exclusively studied items without compromises in their quality and technicality to guarantee the maximum comfort and wellbeing starting from the skin.

Riday - Capi progettati per proteggere la pelle del ciclista e del motociclista

The values

Uniqueness and liberty: Uniquely for the cyclist and motorcyclist.

From the experience and the trial on field of real athletes, bikers that have had the purpose of satisfying their necessity during training and race.

The univocal trait of RIDAY®’s items, connected to the two-wheels-world, guarantees to the biker the consciousness of wearing exclusively studied items for their necessities, without quality and technical compromises: from here, the freedom of performing your own sport activity at its best or the pure, simple pleasure to enjoy an experience on the saddle in the maximum comfort, with the certainty of having the best solution for the defense of your skin.

The design, structure and fitting of RIDAY®’s baselayer items don’t born from the insight and fantasy of a common designer or developer; they don’t perfect for exquisitely commercial variables, but from the experience and the trial on field of real athletes, those are the bikers, who have had the objective of satisfying their own necessities during training and races.


Quality and environment

The will of sharing our passion for two-wheels-sports on the outside is one of the motives at the bottom of each gesture in and out of the company and it’s what push us to manage all the procedures and products in a responsible way.


The reference target RIDAY®

Sportsmen and sportswomen lovers of the two wheels, athletes, amateurs and professionals who work in this sector, dauntless travelers and adventurers, dreamers and explorers.

Attentive, dynamic that don’t neglect the quality of the items they wear.

They love the velocity, the technical and aesthetic details in everything that surrounds them.

Desirous of enjoying new roads, of reaching new goals, curious of always living new solo or group experiences.

Outdoors life lovers, comfortable with the wind in the hair.


The needs to whom your company intends to respond

Supporting the bikers in the everyday life with items rich of technology and innovation. Enjoying the sport and offering the maximum performance if they feel comfortable starting from the skin.

The need of having original items of simple, unique and efficient lines to enjoy at the full your own day.


The way in which the company works

RIDAY® makes use of the seamless, most advantaged technology, using high quality raw materials: the choice of these excellences couldn’t be betrayed by the origin of the manufacture that is, in fact, completely identified in the Italian territory. All the production RIDAY® lines enjoy of the most severe international certifications in terms of quality and intrinsic value of the yarns and their production.

The univocal connotation of the RIDAY® line, tied to the two-wheels-world, guarantees the consciousness of wearing exclusively studied items for the own necessities of the biker, to play at the best your own sport activity and the certainty of having the best solution for the defense of the skin.


Diligence and dedication

Without compromises in quality and technicality, attentive to the processes and materials guaranteeing the environment and the health of consumers. The attention to detail, the highest quality of the yarns, the rigorous quality controls in every processing phase are our commitment to obtain garments perfectly designed for the two wheels, from the raw material to the distribution.




Sport garments developed in 3D technology, three-dimensional and ergonomic knitting. Thanks to the mesh structure, with a combination of different fabrics and elasticity, RIDAY® guarantees a high performance for sports activities: resistance to accidents, elasticity and freedom of movement.

The use of patented high-tech procedures and highly qualified personnel, is similar to the automotive and IT industries. Every detail of the product is carefully processed and improved to perfection in terms of efficiency and functionality.

The textile machines used are revolutionary: seamless technology, borns within the territory of the North of Italy, has been perfected and adapted by our engineers and mechanics that have made it unique and flawless: every knit stitch made, has been pretensioned and calibrated to make the best in the phase of maximum sports stress and therefore maximum traction of yarn.

The elaboration of the jacquard designs and the positioning of structures with different aeration, has not been influenced by the aesthetic logic but rather, by a meticulous functional and practical study of the true needs of the sportsman during the different climate conditions.



Sport is your passion and nobody can deny it. RIDAY® can create the ideal conditions to take flight, to give you the chance to concentrate only on your effort, so that it can be transformed into dynamics, strength and maximum satisfaction. Do not deny yourself the chance to fly high. Do not accept any compromise.