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The technical revolution of wool

Merino means quality and exclusive product. Its characteristics are numerous, such as the fact that it completely neutralizes bad smells even after many hours of activity, that it has a thermoregulating capacity and is very soft to the touch.

What does Finishing and Dyeing mean?

The term finishing refers to the set of processing operations that are applied to fabrics, in order to improve their appearance, hand-touch, properties and possible applications. The finishing operations can be carried out either through a mechanical action.

Merino wool reduces post-exercise cooling

Merino wool has exceptional properties for regulating humidity and body temperature during exercise. Wool reduces the cooling rate of the skin and exposure to post-exercise cold, which can range from unpleasant to dangerous.

All the properties of Australian wool

Merino wool is famous worldwide for its next-to-skin softness, strength, innate versatility and technical benefits. Merino wool's versatility extends from luxury fashion to high-performance activewear, accessories, homewares and everything in between. Its properties are very numerous.

Australia: the origin of RIDAY Wooltech merino wool

Mount Hesse merino sheep station is located in southeastern Australia, in the state of Victoria. The farm, which was acquired by Südwolle Group in 2002, looks back on a rich history – but it can also look forward to a bright future.

100% recycled paper pack

RIDAY® presents the new line of Wooltech® products in Australian wool, packaged in the very current 100% recycled paper pack. It is a raw material, completely produced in Italy, obtained without intensively exploiting precious resources such as water, energy and wood.

Polypropylene: 100% polyvalent fiber

RIDAY® presents, for the new winter 2020-21, the new display entirely made of POLYPROPYLENE. The same fiber used for technical garments in contact with the skin, polypropylene is one of the raw materials with the lowest environmental impact.

RIDAY WOOLTECH: wool has never been so technical

RIDAY presents WOOLTECH, the first line of double-layered garments in contact with the skin, made with anti-pilling Australian merino wool on the outside and ultra-breathable technical fiber in polypropylene on the skin.

RIDAY®: the first double layer in contact with the skin

The whole RIDAY® collection is characterized by a technical plus, which distinguishes it from any other baselayer: the double-layer fabric in contact with the skin, obtained by coupling two fabrics of opposite nature.

POLYPROPYLENE: always in contact with the skin

All RIDAY® baselayers are made in double fabric, both the light ones for the summer and the warmer ones for the winter. The outermost layer can be different: fresh hand polyamide for the warm season and polyester or wool for winter. But in contact with the skin?

The importance of seams

The seam represents a very important functional and technical aspect for garments in contact with the skin. It must guarantee resistance to traction, wear, numerous washes and above all not represent a solution of continuity between two technical fabrics placed side by side.

New Pant with Pad: performance beyond 6 hours of use

lastic and breathable pant made in double layer: one on the skin, the hydrophobic polypropylene, able to quickly remove sweat from the skin towards the outside of the garment and on the opposite side the microfiber polyamide.
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