AD+ powered by nexus active

Improvement of performance

More energy, longer lasting physical strength against fatigue and a reduction in the heart rate of up to 4 beats per minute. A high level of fabric breathability that optimizes muscle strength.

Fast recovery

A faster recovery time fot tired muscles, helping the process of muscle recuperation from tiredness and tightness.

Better hydration

Improved cellular hydration which stimulates the faster elimination of metabolic waste.

Average Heart Rate

The chart compares the beats with normal garments called Placebo (blue,+ high) and Nexus Active® (red,+ low).

Reduction Beats per a Minute

The chart shows that the benefit is more marked during the recovery phase (green) compared to the stress phases (blue).

Good reasons to wear RIDAY®

  • Specific garments and product evolution
  • Quality of materials
  • Innovative technologies
  • Products designed, developed and produced in Italy
  • Respect for the environment


Benefits for the body

Sports garments developed in 3D technology, three-dimensional and ergonomic construction. Thanks to the mesh structure, with a combination of different fabrics and elasticity, RIDAY® guarantees a high performance for sports activities: resistance to accidents, elasticity and freedom of movement.


RIDAY® baselayer is thermal,
protects from the outside low temperature and reduces heat dispersion, thanks to DRYARN® fabric, the lightest fiber with the lowest thermal conductivity. It keeps the skin always dry and guarantees a high level of hygiene being a fiber that does not retain bacteria.


Seamless = no seams
Thanks to the absence of side and central stitching, RIDAY® garments fit perfectly, adhering to the body like a second skin.


Each RIDAY® garment is made with aerodynamic knitting to facilitate the muscles during the sport activities and with very open knitting to ensure good perspiration in the areas of increased sweating.


Exclusive infrared energy emission fiber. RIDAY® garments, with exclusive Nexus Active® yarn, help to improve blood circulation and oxygenation of muscles, allowing a very fast sports recovery.


OEKOTEX® certification
All RIDAY® garments are processed with certified raw materials free from substances harmful to the skin.

Riday - Tecnologia per il miglioramento delle performance, recupero rapido e migliore idratazione


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Fast Recovery
Better Hydration

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